About US

Lauren James is the founder of Grreat Dog Rescue, a website dedicated to connecting loving homes with rescue dogs in need. Lauren has always had a deep love and passion for dogs, and her own rescued dog, Mike, holds a special place in her heart.

This passion has driven her to create Great Dog Rescue, a comprehensive resource dedicated to educating and informing individuals about the various options for adopting, rescuing, and finding shelters for dogs in need. Through her efforts, Great Dog Rescue aims to save as many dogs as possible and help them find loving forever homes.

She realized that many potential adopters have a hard time finding rescue dogs in their area, and often give up on the idea of adopting due to the lack of information available. With Grreat Dog Rescue, Lauren aims to bridge that gap and make it easier for people to find and adopt the perfect furry companion. The mission behind the launch of Great Dog Rescue has to help thousands of dogs to find their forever homes.