5 Best Chihuahua Rescues in Kent! (2024)

Chihuahuas are one of the most beloved dog breeds and have become increasingly popular in Kent. These small dogs have a big personality, and their feisty, loyal, and affectionate nature makes them a wonderful addition to any household. However, despite their popularity, many Chihuahuas end up in rescue centers, in need of a loving home.


If you’re considering adopting a Chihuahua in Kent, it’s essential to find the best rescue center to ensure your new furry friend is well-cared for.


In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Chihuahua rescues in Kent, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From experienced pet parents to first-time dog owners, there’s a Chihuahua rescue in Kent that can meet your needs and provide you with a loyal and loving companion. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect Chihuahua rescue to start your new life with a furry friend.


The Best Chihuahua Rescues & Adoptions in Kent:

Here is the list of 5 best Chihuahua Rescues in Kent:

1. Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK

2. Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue

3. Many Tears Animal Rescue

4. Petlist

5. Dogsblog.com


1. Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK

Lily's Chihuahua Rescue UK

The first spot on our list of the best Chihuahua rescues in Kent is “Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK” is a charity organization with a mission to save and re-home abandoned and stray Chihuahuas across the United Kingdom. With a dedicated and compassionate team, they strive to provide each rescued Chihuahua with a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment where they can flourish and lead happy and healthy lives.


This Chihuahua Rescue works hard to ensure that every Chihuahua in their care receives the necessary medical attention, socialization, and training to make a successful transition into their new home. Their unwavering commitment to the well-being of these adorable and often neglected pets is truly inspiring.


At Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK, the health and well-being of each rescued Chihuahua is their top priority. Through the nurturing care provided in their foster homes, the Chihuahuas receive the foundation they need to thrive in their new lives. Before being placed in a permanent home.


All Chihuahua undergoes a thorough health assessment and is provided with any required medical care to ensure their optimal health. By putting the needs of the Chihuahuas first, Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK is setting a high standard for animal welfare and rescue efforts.


Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue posts details about each dog on their Facebook page when they are ready for adoption. This helps potential adopters find the dog that is most suitable for them. To stay updated on new adoption opportunities and receive notifications about Chihuahuas in need of a loving home, it’s recommended to follow Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK on Facebook.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:

Location: mainland UK

Email: lilychirescue@outlook.com

Website: https://lilyschihuahuarescueuk.com/


 2. Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue

Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue

The Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue was established as a tribute to the memory of a remarkable dog named Dizzy and as a beacon of hope for Chihuahuas in distress. The mission of this non-profit organization is to provide care, comfort, and a second chance at life for these tiny dogs.


Through its unwavering dedication and efforts, the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue works tirelessly to ensure that the memory of Dizzy and other beloved Chihuahuas lives on, while also providing these furry companions with the support they need to live happy and healthy lives.


The overarching goal of the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue is the health and happiness of each and every dog under their care. With a steadfast commitment to their furry charges, the organization goes to great lengths to ensure that each dog is placed in the ideal forever home.


To this end, every dog that comes into the care of the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue undergoes a comprehensive evaluation and thorough veterinary examination. This rigorous screening process helps to ensure that each dog is paired with a loving and responsible owner who is equipped to provide them with the care and support they need to thrive.


The adoption process for a Chihuahua from the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue requires a contribution of £300 per dog, which serves as a non-refundable donation towards supporting the essential care provided to these furry companions.


This donation also plays a vital role in ensuring that the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue can continue to provide top-notch care for its dogs, including covering the costs of transportation and maintaining their high standard of living. With each adoption, not only do you gain a loving companion, but you also become a part of the larger community that is dedicated to improving the lives of Chihuahuas in need. Your donation helps to sustain the rescue’s mission of providing care, comfort, and a second chance at happiness to these deserving dogs.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:

Location: London, UK

Email: Dizzychihuahuarescue@hotmail.com

Website: https://dizzychihuahuarescue.co.uk/


3. Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing unwanted dogs in the UK. With its base in South Wales and foster homes throughout the country, MTAR provides a nurturing and supportive environment for dogs in need.


Their mission is to give each dog the individual attention and care they require to successfully adjust to a new home, ultimately leading to a happy and permanent placement. By working tirelessly to create the best possible outcomes for each animal, MTAR is making a positive impact on the lives of dogs and the families who adopt them.


At Many Tears Animal Rescue, all of the dogs receive not just the standard care of spaying/neutering, microchipping, vaccination, and worming, but also specialized veterinary attention for any specific health needs. Their commitment to providing comprehensive care ensures that every dog under their care is healthy, happy, and ready for their forever home.


This Chihuahua rescue takes great care in ensuring the best fit between dog and adopter by conducting thorough interviews with all prospective homes and conducting comprehensive evaluations of their living environments. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that every dog finds a loving and permanent home where they will thrive, and they stop at nothing to make this a reality.

 Chihuahua Rescue Kent Info:

Location: South Wales, Throughout the UK

Email: info@manytearsrescue.org

Phone: 01269 843 084

Website: https://www.manytearsrescue.org/index.php


4. Petlist

Petlist is an online platform used to adopt a pet in the United Kingdom. The website offers a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for pet lovers to find their furry soulmate.


The Petlist is designed with user-friendliness in mind, providing a seamless browsing experience for those searching for a loyal companion to share their lives with.


Petlist provides a comprehensive database of lovable four-legged friends who are in need of a forever home. Whether you are looking for a specific breed, age, or size, Petlist makes the adoption process simple and straightforward. Not only will you be giving a furry friend a second chance at happiness, but you’ll also be gaining a loyal companion for life.


Petlist is run by a team of dedicated animal lovers who put their hearts into every aspect of pet rescue and adoption. These individuals are passionate about finding homes for dogs in need, and their devotion to animals shines through in every step of the process.


The team at Petlist is committed to making the adoption process as seamless and stress-free as possible so that you can focus on bonding with your new best friend. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or an experienced dog owner, Petlist is the perfect place to find your furry soulmate.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:

Location: Across the UK

Email: support@petlist.co.uk

Website: https://www.petlist.co.uk/about


5. Dogs Blog.com

Dogs Blog.com

The last spot on our of the best Chihuahua rescues in Kent is “Dogsblog.com”, established in 2007, is a leading online platform dedicated to enhancing the lives of shelter dogs in the UK. Their mission is to provide a space where potential pet owners can connect with dogs in need of a loving, permanent home.


They believe that every dog deserves a second chance and a happy ending, and they strive to make that a reality through their platform. Whether you’re looking for a furry companion or want to give a shelter dog a loving home, Dogsblog.com is the perfect starting point.


At Dogsblog.com, they take great pride in their efforts to connect loving families with deserving dogs. Since its launch, Dogsblog.com has served as a beacon of hope for thousands of homeless dogs in the UK. Their extensive network of 662 shelter partners has allowed us to facilitate the successful adoption of over 60,811 dogs. They are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of these innocent animals and providing them with the love and care they so desperately deserve.


Dogsblog.com is designed with user-friendliness in mind, Using their advanced search filter allows you to easily sort through the profiles of available dogs based on your specific criteria, such as breed type, age, sex, or shelter location. Whether you’re looking for a specific breed, a young or mature dog, or a male or female companion, we make it simple and straightforward to find your perfect match.


The goal of Dogsblog.com is to take the stress out of the adoption process and make it a positive, joyful experience for both you and your new furry friend.

 Chihuahua Rescue Info:

Website: https://www.dogsblog.com/category/chihuahua/


Any Recommendation for Chihuahua Rescues in Kent:

If you have any personal experience with one of the rescues listed or know of any reputable rescue organization that you trust that is not included in our list, please share them in the comments section. We would be happy to add them to our list.


Conclusion for Chihuahua Rescues in Kent:

Chihuahua Rescues for Adoptions in Kent


We hope this post has helped you in your search for the best Chihuahua Rescues in Kent. We’ve only included those Chihuahua rescues on our list that have positive reviews, have years of experience, and have a proven track record of providing high-quality care for these beloved pups. So you can be sure you’re getting quality pups.


If you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting a Chihuahua, please share this post with them and help support these dedicated rescue organizations!




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