4 Best Chihuahua Rescues in Scotland! (2024)

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular dog breeds in Scotland and have captured the hearts of many dog lovers. These tiny dogs have big personalities and are known for their feistiness, loyalty, and affectionate nature. However, many Chihuahuas end up in rescue centers, needing a new home. If you’re thinking about adopting a Chihuahua in Scotland, you want to make sure you find the best rescue center for your new furry friend.


The good news is that there are several excellent Chihuahua rescue organizations in Scotland that can help you find the perfect companion. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Chihuahua rescues in Scotland and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or an experienced pet parent, you’ll find the perfect Chihuahua rescue center to meet your needs and bring joy to your life.

The Best Chihuahua Rescues & Adoption in Scotland:

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a furry friend in need? Look no further than these Chihuahuas rescues in Scotland.

1. Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK

2. Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue

3. Petlist

4. Canine Rescue Scotland


1. Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK

Lily's Chihuahua Rescue UK
The first spot on our list of the best Chihuahua rescues in Scotland is “Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK” is a charity organization with a noble mission of rescuing and providing new homes for Chihuahuas in need across mainland UK. As a dedicated and compassionate group, they work tirelessly to ensure that every Chihuahua in their care receives the love, attention, and support they need to thrive in their new environment.


By offering a second chance to Chihuahuas, Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue is making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of individual animals and on the community as a whole. Their unwavering commitment to animal welfare is an inspiration to us all.


At Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue UK, all rescued Chihuahuas are given the best possible start in their new lives through the care and support provided in their foster homes. Before being made available for adoption, each Chihuahua undergoes a comprehensive health evaluation and receives any necessary medical treatment. This ensures that they are in the best possible condition to thrive in their new homes.


When their dogs are ready for adoption, Lily’s Chihuahua Rescue post it on their Facebook page with detailed information of each dog in their posts, making it easier for potential adopters to find the perfect match. If you are interested in bringing a new furry friend into your life, be sure to like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on new adoptions and to receive notifications about the dogs that are in need of a loving home.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:
Location: mainland UK
Email: lilychirescue@outlook.com
Website: https://lilyschihuahuarescueuk.com/


2. Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue


The Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue was founded in memory of a beloved dog (Dizzy), with the aim of preserving the memory of this remarkable canine and offering aid to Chihuahuas in distress. This organization strives to provide comfort and support to these tiny dogs, giving them a chance to live happy and healthy lives. By carrying on the legacy of its namesake, the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue continues to make a positive impact on the lives of countless Chihuahuas in need.


At the heart of the mission of this organization lies the well-being of its canine charges. To ensure each dog finds the perfect forever home, a thorough evaluation and veterinary examination is conducted prior to rehoming.


The team is dedicated to providing each dog with the necessary care and rehabilitation to ensure they are not only physically fit, but also emotionally balanced. The goal is to provide not just a safe and loving environment, but also to foster ongoing happiness and success in their new homes.


Adopting a Chihuahua from the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue involves a contribution of £300 per dog, which is a non-refundable donation aimed at supporting the vital care provided to the dogs in their care. This donation plays a crucial role in covering the costs associated with the transportation of the dogs and maintaining the high standard of care they receive.


The funds are also used for crucial medical procedures such as spaying or neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, dental care, and any other medical needs that may arise. By making this contribution, adoptive families not only provide a loving home for a deserving dog, but also support the ongoing efforts of the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue to ensure the health and happiness of every dog in their care.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:
Location: London, UK
Email: Dizzychihuahuarescue@hotmail.com
Website: https://dizzychihuahuarescue.co.uk/


3. Petlist:


Petlist  is an online website that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to find and adopt lovable four-legged friends in need of a forever home in the United Kingdom. With its advanced search capabilities, Petlist helps match prospective pet owners with their ideal furry companions, ensuring that every dog finds a loving and supportive home.


Petlist is run by a passionate and devoted team of animal lovers. These individuals bring their love and devotion for pets to every aspect of the rescue and adoption process, ensuring that every dog finds a warm and loving home. With their unwavering commitment and deep understanding of pet care, Pet List’s team is dedicated to improving the lives of adoptable dogs and connecting them with their forever families.


Petlist offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for animal charities and rescue centers across the United Kingdom to showcase their adoptable pets. By getting in touch with Pet List, these organizations can have their animals added to its platform completely free of charge, as Pet List is dedicated to promoting pet adoption and making it accessible to everyone.


Petlist also maintains an extensive directory of rescue centers and animal charities, helping to connect more pets in need with loving homes. With its commitment to supporting the animal rescue community and promoting pet adoption, Pet List is a valuable resource for animal lovers everywhere.

Chihuahua Rescue Scotland Info:
Location: Throughout the UK
Email: support@petlist.co.uk
Website: https://www.petlist.co.uk/


4. Canine Rescue Scotland

The last  spot on our list of the best Chihuahua rescues in Scotland is “Canine Rescue Scotland” is a Scottish non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of all breeds of dogs. They are a registered and regulated entity by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) with the registration number SC051052. Their commitment to promoting the well-being of dogs sets them apart as a compassionate and responsible organization, working tirelessly to ensure a brighter future for all dogs in need.


At Canine Rescue Scotland, their unwavering mission is to provide every dog with the necessary care, love, and support to lead fulfilling and joyful lives, regardless of their individual situation. They believe that every dog deserves to live a life full of happiness and wellness, and they work tirelessly to ensure that this becomes a reality.


At Canine Rescue Scotland, the health and well-being of every dog in their care is a top priority. To provide the best possible support for their furry friends, all dogs that come into their care undergo a comprehensive health and wellness program.


At Canine Rescue Scotland, the health and well-being of every dog in their care is a top priority. To provide the best possible support for their furry friends, all dogs that come into their care undergo a comprehensive health and wellness program. This includes receiving essential vaccinations, being spayed or neutered, and having a microchip implant. This not only protects them from preventable diseases and ensures their long-term health, but also helps in reuniting lost dogs with their rightful owners in the future.

Chihuahua Rescue Info:
Location: Scotland
Email: info@caninerescuescotland.org
Phone: 0141 478 0660
Website: https://www.caninerescuescotland.org/


FAQ For Best Chihuahua Rescue in Scotland:

Q1: How can I adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue organization?

Ans: To adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue organization, you typically need to fill out an adoption application and attend an interview with a staff member. The rescue organization will then assess your home environment, lifestyle, and overall suitability to ensure that you are the right fit for the dog you wish to adopt.


Q2: How much does it cost to adopt a Chihuahua from a rescue organization?

Ans: Adoption fees for Chihuahuas from a rescue organization typically range from £100 to £300, depending on the individual organization’s policies. This fee covers the cost of medical care, rehabilitation, and training for the dog, and helps to support the ongoing efforts of the rescue organization.


Q3: Are there any special requirements for adopting a Chihuahua from a rescue organization?

Ans: Adopting a Chihuahua from a rescue organization typically requires a secure and safe home environment, a commitment to providing regular exercise, and a willingness to attend obedience training classes if necessary. You may also need to provide references and allow a home visit from a staff member to ensure that the dog is a good fit for your home.


Any Recommendation for Chihuahua Rescues in Scotland:

If you have any personal experience with one of the rescues listed or know of any reputable rescue organization that you trust that is not included in our list, please share them in the comments section. We would be happy to add them to our list.


Conclusion for Chihuahua Rescues in Scotland:

Chihuahua Rescues for Adoption in Scotland:

We hope this post has helped you in your search for the best Chihuahua Rescues in Scotland. We’ve only included those Chihuahua rescues on our list that have positive reviews, have years of experience, and have a proven track record of providing high-quality care for these beloved pups. So you can be sure you’re getting quality pups.


If you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting a Chihuahua, please share this post with them and help support these dedicated rescue organizations!



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