5 Best Maltipoo Rescues in Texas! (2024)

Looking to adopt a Maltipoo? If you live in Texas, you’re in luck! The Lone Star State has some excellent Maltipoo rescues that specialize in rehoming and caring for this hybrid dog. Whether you’re searching for a Maltipoo puppy or adult, you can find your perfect canine companion at these top-rated rescues in Texas.


In this post, I’ll provide you a list of the best Maltipoo rescues in Texas. We’ll explore factors to consider when choosing a rescue as well as what to expect during the Maltipoo adoption process in Texas.


My goal with this post is to be the most comprehensive guide to adopting a Maltipoo in Texas. Discover the best places to rescue your fluffy, friendly Maltipoo in cities such as Dallas, Houston, Austin, and beyond! Let’s dive in…


The Best Maltipoo Rescues for Adoptions in Texas:

If you’re looking a Maltipoo rescue in Texas, there are several organizations you can reach out to. These rescues specialize in finding loving homes for maltipoos, a popular mixed breed of Maltese and Poodle. Here are is the list of the best maltipoo rescues in Texas:

1. Doodle Rock Rescue 

2. Poodle Rescue of Houston

3. Poodle Patch Rescue

4. Doodle Rescue Collective


1. Doodle Rock Rescue 

Doodle Rock Rescue 

If you’re looking to adopt a Maltipoo in Texas, one of the top rescues to consider is Doodle Rock Rescue. Doodle Rock Rescue’s mission is to rescue and rehome poodle mixes, including Maltipoos, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. Many of the dogs they rescue come from situations of neglect, have special medical needs, or would otherwise be euthanized in local shelters.


Doodle Rock provides all dogs in their rescue program with veterinary care, vaccinations, spay/neuter services, microchipping, and any necessary medical treatment prior to becoming eligible for adoption. Their team of volunteers give the dogs plenty of love and socialization as well. The rescue focuses on finding forever homes in Texas.


Doodle Rock Rescue has a thorough screening process in place to ensure that their dogs find the best possible homes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect:

1. Fill out an application: Start by filling out an adoption application on their website. This will provide them with information about you, your living situation, and your experience with pets.


2. Phone interview: Once your application is received, a volunteer from Doodle Rock Rescue will contact you for a phone interview. This is an opportunity for them to get to know you better and discuss any questions or concerns.


3. Home visit: If the phone interview goes well, the next step is a home visit. A representative from the rescue will schedule a time to visit your home and ensure that it is a safe and suitable environment for a Maltipoo.


4. Meet the dog: After the home visit, you’ll have the chance to meet the Maltipoo you’re interested in adopting. This meeting allows you to interact with the dog and determine if they are a good fit for your family.


5. Adoption fee and paperwork: If everything goes smoothly, the final step is to pay the adoption fee and complete the necessary paperwork. The adoption fee helps cover the costs of veterinary care and other expenses associated with rescuing and caring for the dogs.


While the adoption process may take some time due to the thorough screening, it ensures that the Maltipoos are placed in loving and responsible homes. So, if you’re ready to open your heart and home to a Maltipoo in need, reach out to Doodle Rock Rescue in Texas.

Maltipoo Rescue Info:

Location: Texas

Email: rehome@doodlerockrescue.org

Website: https://doodlerockrescue.org/adopt/available-dogs/



2. Poodle Rescue of Houston

Poodle Rescue of Houston

Poodle Rescue of Houston is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming poodles and poodle mixes in the southeast Texas. Founded in 2002 by a small group of poodle lovers, the rescue has grown over the years and saves over 5000 poodles and Poodles mixes since its founding from shelters, abuse situations, and owners who can no longer care for them.


Their mission is to provide a safe haven for poodles and poodle mixes of all ages that find themselves homeless. Sadly, many purebred dogs end up in shelters through no fault of their own because of financial troubles, illness, death, or relocation of owners. The rescue strongly opposes the breeding of poodles while so many perfect poodles await homes in shelters and rescues.


When a dog comes into their rescue, they provide them with a thorough health evaluation and any necessary medical treatments. They also take the time to get to know each dog’s personality and temperament so that they can match them with the perfect forever home.


The Poodle Rescue volunteers carefully screen applicants to find the best forever home for each rescue dog. Their adoption process prioritizes the dog’s welfare to ensure correct placements that will meet their new dog’s needs in terms of personality match, activity level, grooming requirements, etc. The dog’s comfort and happiness in their new home is paramount.


In addition to adoptions, Poodle Rescue offers education about proper poodle care and ownership responsibilities. This includes information on positive training, healthcare, exercise, environmental stimulation, grooming requirements, etc.


If you’re interested adopting a Maltipoo from them, you can visit their website where you can learn more about their available dogs, the adoption process, and how you can get involved.

Maltipoo Rescue Info:

Location: 13302 Schroeder Rd, Houston, TX

Website: https://poodlerescueofhouston.org/

3. Poodle Patch Rescue

If you’re thinking about adopting a cute and cuddly Maltipoo in Texas, you should definitely check out Poodle Patch Rescue, that is dedicated to finding forever homes for poodles and poodle mixes in need across the Texas. Founded in 2005, this non-profit rescue saves poodle mixes from shelters and bad situations, provides them with medical care and nurturing in foster homes, then works to match them with new forever families.


Many of the dogs Poodle Patch Rescue saves faced abandonment, puppy mills, abuse or were strays struggling to survive. The goal of Poodle Patch is to give Poodle mixes a second chance at a happy life in a caring home. The all-volunteer staff passionately believe these sweet dogs deserve loving homes, no matter their past or medical needs.


Poodle Patch is a really cool place where they rescue poodles and poodle mixes. They take care of them by giving them all the things they need to be healthy and happy. They have a special vet who helps them with stuff like getting fixed and getting shots. They provide medical care, training, and socialization for rescued dogs while focusing on matching them with suitable adoptive families.


The volunteer at Poodle Patch also work really hard to make sure the dogs are friendly and well-behaved. They spend time with them, playing and cuddling, so the dogs learn how to be good pets. They even teach them tricks and commands, like sit and stay.


The application process to adopt from Poodle Patch Rescue involves providing references, completing a questionnaire about the ability to care for the dog, and a home check. It might sound like a lot of steps, but it’s all done with the best interest of the dogs in mind. Poodle Patch Rescue wants to make sure that each and every one of their rescued poodles and maltipoos finds their perfect forever home where they can live happily ever after!

Maltipoo Rescue Texas Info: 

Location: Texarkana, TX

Website: https://poodlepatchrescue.com/about-us/


4. Doodle Rescue Collective (Nationwide)

Doodle Rescue Collective

The Doodle Rescue Collective is an extensive network of dedicated volunteers who specialize in rescuing doodle breeds, including Maltipoos. With their nationwide presence, they operate across multiple states, offering a wide reach for potential adopters. This means that even if you can’t find the perfect Maltipoo rescue shelter near you in Texas, the Doodle Rescue Collective might be able to assist you in finding one elsewhere.


One of the significant advantages of working with the Doodle Rescue Collective is their expertise in facilitating the adoption process. They have experienced volunteers who work diligently to match Maltipoos with suitable families throughout the country. By understanding your preferences and requirements, they strive to ensure a successful adoption experience for both the dog and the adopter.

Maltipoo Rescue Info: 

Location: Nationwide

Website: https://doodlerescueinc.ning.com/


Any Recommendation for Maltipoo Rescue in Texas:

If you have any personal experience with one of the rescues listed or know of any reputable rescue organization that you trust that is not included in our list, please share them in the comments section. We would be happy to add them to our list.


Conclusion For Maltipoo Rescue in Texas:

Maltipoo Rescue for adoptions in Texas

We hope this post has helped you in your search for the best Maltipoo Rescues in Texas. We’ve only included those Maltipoo rescues on our list that have positive reviews, have years of experience, and have a proven track record of providing high-quality care for these beloved pups. So you can be sure you’re getting quality pups.


If you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting a Maltipoo, please share this post with them and help support these dedicated rescue organizations!



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