5 Best Shih Tzu Rescues In Virginia! (2024)

Are you looking to adopt a Shih Tzu in Virginia? Finding the right rescue organization can be challenging with so many options. So we’ve done research for you and compiled this guide to the top Shih Tzu rescues in Virginia that offer adoption services statewide.


Adopting a Shih Tzu through a rescue is a rewarding way to provide a forever home to a dog in need. Rescue groups take in Shih Tzus from shelters, owner surrenders, or puppy mills and work to rehabilitate them. Their goal is to match each dog with the right family. Rescues allow you to search for the perfect temperament, age, and needs to complement your lifestyle.


We’ll highlight the key details for Virginia’s leading Shih Tzu rescues: location, adoption process, vetting services, adoption fees, and more. Whether you live in Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Arlington, or elsewhere in the state, you’ll discover the top options to adopt your new furry best friend.



The Best Shih Tzu Rescues for Adoption In Virginia:

Are you ready to open your home and heart? Let’s dive in to meet the top Shih Tzu rescues across Virginia doing amazing work to find these sweet pups loving forever homes.

1. Royal Pet Rescue

2. Caring Hearts Rescue

3. Rescue Me


1. Royal Pet Rescue

Royal Pet Rescue

Royal Pet Rescue’s mission is to find forever families for abandoned and surrendered dogs of all shapes and sizes including Shih Tzus. Their experienced team cares for each dog as if they were their own while searching for their perfect match.


What’s really neat is that they don’t have a physical shelter like some other rescues. Instead, they work through foster homes. That means the dogs get to live with families while they wait for their forever homes. Plus, they’re located in Virginia Beach, VA, right in the heart of Virginia, which is great for helping dogs all over the state.
When a dog comes to Royal Pet Rescue, they receive a full medical evaluation and any necessary treatment. They addresses both the dogs’ physical and emotional needs, providing comfortable places, nutritious food, daily walks, and plenty of playtime and affection.


Their trainers work patiently with shy or anxious dogs, using positive reinforcement to build the dogs’ confidence. Royal Pet Rescue gets to know each dog’s unique personality so they can find an adopter well-suited to provide everything the dogs need to thrive.


Operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Royal Pet Rescue relies on donations and volunteers to carry out their important work. They partner with local veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and boarders to provide expert care at reduced rates.


So, if you’re looking to adopt a dog or know someone who is, you might just find your new best friend through Royal Pet Rescue. You could give a dog a second chance at a happy life, and trust me, it’s a really good feeling to know you’ve made a difference in a dog’s life.

Shih Tzu Rescue Info:

Location:  Virginia Beach

Website: https://www.bbsimperialshihtzus.com/royal-pet-rescue



2. Caring Hearts Rescue

Caring Hearts Rescue

Caring Hearts Rescue is another dog rescue located in Fairfax County, Virginia. They are on a mission to rescue senior and special needs dogs who have been abandoned or are homeless.


In addition to that, they’re not just about finding the dogs a home. They also make sure to take care of any medical or behavioral issues the dogs might have. That means they go above and beyond to make sure these pups are healthy and happy before finding them a forever home.

So, when these cute little furballs get rescued, they often need a lot of help. Some of them have been neglected or mistreated, so the rescue center has to work hard to get them healthy and ready for their forever homes.


First, they take the dogs to the vet for a super thorough check-up. If the doggie needs any medical help, like surgery or special medicine, they make sure they get it.


They also make sure the dogs get all their shots and start on medicine to keep them safe from heartworms, fleas, and ticks. The rescue center also makes sure that most of the dogs are spayed or neutered before they go to their new families.


When a dog comes to Caring Hearts Rescue, they don’t just find a temporary home, they also get help with any behavior issues they might have. A dog trainer works with each dog to figure out what kind of training they need.


The trainers at Caring Hearts Rescue believe in positive-reinforcement training. That means they focus on praising and rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. This helps the dogs feel happy and confident as they learn how to be the best furry friends they can be. This way, when the dogs go to their new forever homes, they’ll be better behaved and ready to fit right in.

Shih Tzu Rescue Info:

Location:  Springfield, VA

Email: chr-news@caringheartsrescue.org

Website: https://www.caringheartsrescue.org/about



3. Rescue Me

Rescue Me

If you’re looking to adopt a Shih Tzu in Virginia, you should definitely checkout Rescue Me. Rescue Me is like a matchmaker for people who want to adopt dogs and the dogs who need a loving home. They don’t actually have the dogs themselves, but they connect potential adopters with dogs that are available for adoption. It’s kind of like a dating app, but for dogs and humans!


However, it’s important to know that Rescue Me doesn’t personally screen or evaluate the dogs that are posted on their website. This means that it’s super important for potential adopters to do their own research and ask lots of questions when considering adopting a Shih Tzu through Rescue Me. It’s like doing your homework before getting a new furry family member!


Always remember to ask about the dog’s health, behavior, and any special needs they might have. And of course, make sure to meet the dog in person before making any decisions. It’s all about finding the perfect match and giving these adorable pups the forever homes they deserve!

Shih Tzu Rescue Virginia Info:

Website: https://shihtzu.rescueme.org/virginia



Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Shih Tzu:

Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Shih Tzu

Thinking of adding a Shih Tzu to your family? This adorable breed makes a wonderful pet for many households. With their sweet, gentle nature and cute smashed faces, it’s easy to fall in love with a Shih Tzu. But these dogs have some unique needs all potential owners should understand.


However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before bringing one home. Here’s what you need to know before adopting a Shih Tzu:


1. Grooming Requirements: 
Shih Tzus have a long, lush coat that requires daily brushing and frequent bathing and trimming. Their fast-growing hair can easily become matted or tangled if not properly tended to. Be prepared to put in the time and effort to maintain their beautiful locks. Or budget for professional grooming.


2. Exercise Needs:
Despite their small size, Shih Tzus need a moderate amount of daily exercise. Aim for at least one 30-minute walk per day. Without enough activity, they may become bored and destructive. But avoid over-exertion in hot weather, as they have respiratory sensitivities.


3. Training Difficulties:
Shih Tzus can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. Crate training combined with positive reinforcement training is key. They may need more repetition and patience compared to other breeds during training. Early socialization is also essential for minimizing wariness around strangers.


4. Heat Sensitivity:
These compact dogs have difficulty regulating their body temperature. You’ll need to monitor them closely on hot days to prevent overheating and heat stroke. Keep them cool with air conditioning and access to fresh water. Never leave them outside unattended on warm days.


5. Respiratory Issues:
Shih Tzus’ cute smushed faces unfortunately predispose them to respiratory issues like wheezing, snoring, and eye or nasal discharge. Monitor breathing closely and avoid exposing them to smoke, dust, or other air pollutants.


Shih Tzus make delightful companions but require more grooming, training, and health monitoring compared to some breeds. Their special needs shouldn’t deter you from adoption if you’re willing to put in the extra care and effort these adorable pups deserve. With the right devotion, a Shih Tzu will reward you with years of companionship and love.



Any Recommendation for Shih Tzu Rescue in Virginia:

If you have any personal experience with one of the rescues listed or know of any reputable rescue organization that you trust that is not included in our list, please share them in the comments section. We would be happy to add them to our list.



Conclusion for Best Shih Tzu Rescues in Virginia:

Shih Tzu Rescues For Adoptions in Virginia

We hope this post has helped you in your search for the best Shih Tzu Rescues in Virginia. We’ve only included those Shih Tzu rescues on our list that have positive reviews, have years of experience, and have a proven track record of providing high-quality care for these beloved pups. So you can be sure you’re getting quality pups.


And if you know someone who’s thinking about adding a furry friend to their family, don’t forget to share this post with them and help support these dedicated rescue organizations. In this way, you’ll be helping more Shih Tzus find their forever homes.



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