The Best Maltipoo Rescues in Connecticut! (2024)

 If you’re looking for a Maltipoo rescues in Connecticut, you might want to check out the Maltipoo rescue I found for you. These rescues are reputable, trustworthy, and have good reviews from previous customers.  Here are some of the best Maltipoo rescues in Connecticut:



The Best Maltipoo Rescues for Adoptions in Connecticut:

1.  Poodle Rescue Connecticut:



1. Poodle Rescue Connecticut:

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

Poodle Rescue Connecticut is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehomes Poodle and Poodle mixes in Connecticut and surrounding states. They have been operating since 1996 and have saved over 4,000 dogs so far. They have a network of foster homes where the dogs stay until they find their permanent homes.


This dog rescue has a variety of Poodle and Poodles mixes available for adoption, including Maltipoos. They usually have around 20 to 30 dogs at any given time, ranging from puppies to seniors. They also have special needs dogs that require extra care and attention.


The adoption process at Poodle Rescue Connecticut involves filling out an online application, having an interview with an adoption counselor, paying an adoption fee that varies depending on the age and condition of the dog, and having a home visit to ensure that the environment is suitable for the dog. The adoption fee includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test, flea/tick treatment, dental cleaning, grooming, and a collar and leash.


Poodle Rescue Connecticut also offers services and support to adopters, such as medical care at discounted rates, training advice and referrals, grooming tips and recommendations, and post-adoption follow-up. They also have an online store where you can buy merchandise and donate to their cause.

If you are interested in adopting a Maltipoo from Poodle Rescue Connecticut, you can visit their website or contact them through email at

Maltipoo Rescue Info: 

Location: Naugatuck CT  06770




Any Recommendation for Maltipoo Rescue in Connecticut:

If you have any personal experience with one of the rescues listed or know of any reputable rescue organization that you trust that is not included in our list, please share them in the comments section. We would be happy to add them to our list.


Conclusion for Maltipoo Rescue in Connecticut:

Maltipoo Rescues for Adoptions in Connecticut


We hope this post has helped you in your search for the best Maltipoo Rescues in Connecticut. We’ve only included those Maltipoo rescues on our list that have positive reviews, have years of experience, and have a proven track record of providing high-quality care for these beloved pups. So you can be sure you’re getting quality pups.


If you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting a Maltipoo, please share this post with them and help support these dedicated rescue organizations!


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